How to get more free twitter followers

LinkSpeedUp would like to share you the way to get more free Twitter Followers in a simple and fast way.



Step 1: Sign Up free and get 50 free points on our site:


Step 2: You Follow other members in community to get points:

(This points will be used to pay for the members who Follow your Twitter’s account later)

- You choose “Twitter Followers” item:


- You then just click “Follow” button:


- New Twitter window will open, just click the Twitter “Follow” button then manually close the Twitter page.

- The points then will be added into your balance:


- You also can get points from Like/Follow/View… others on the Website


Step 3: Community Follows you:

- You choose item “Add site/page”:


- You put your Twitter’s username:



- You set number of points for each time community follow your Twitter’s account (2-10 points). The higher point is set, the faster your Twitter’s followers increase.

- Everytime your page get Likes, your points will be decreased.

- Click “Add Site/Page” to save and refresh your Twitter’s page to enjoy the increasement of Followers !


Have funs and enjoyed with !





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Date of Last Revision: Aug 23, 2014